"Worker Bee"

Volunteer Info

We offer a discount for those in the community who enjoy being in service.

As a thank you for your extra time and effort we have a lower priced ticket available.

The cost for Worker Bees is $90, reduced from $190 for a regular ticket. 

We ask all Worker Bees to arrive on Wednesday June 16th by 10:00 AM to help set up the event.

We also ask you to remain on site through clean up on Sunday June 20th until 6:00.

In addition to set up and break down you will be asked to assist with other tasks during the gathering.

Worker Bees are asked to do physical work so this option may not be appropriate if you have a physical limitation. Please know it may be hot during the days for work shifts and by Sunday tiredness may set in for clean up.

Only apply for a Worker Bee position if you feel capable of accepting these challenges.

Meals are not included with your Worker Bee ticket, but we do provide you with food for the extra hours you offer for set up. For meals during the gathering you may purchase the meal plan, buy individual meals onsite or bring your own food.

Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch for an interview when your application is received.

Once accepted, you will receive a secret code for the discount ticket and must register within 2 weeks of receiving the code or we will move on to other applicants. 


Thank you for your willingness to serve this gathering!


Worker Bee Application

Your application was sent. We'll be in touch to discuss your participation. Thank you!