Volunteer Groups

To create a strong community, get to know each other and to help make the gathering run smoothly,

all participants are asked to contribute a minimum of 4 hours (2, two-hour shifts)

toward the gathering. Those who are on the meal plan offer at least one shift in the kitchen.

This page explains the Groups and Volunteer Shifts. Thank you for being part of the community!

Set Up

1. Fire Circle Team-  Requires strength and coordination.

2. Infrastructure and Decorations Team- ( Requires creativity and agility


Friday- 10:00-12:00 (this shift gets lunch for free)




Greeters and Guides-  Requires a friendly nature and directional skills. Welcomes arrivals and directs participants to proper camp locations


Friday- 1:00-3:00



Saturday- 10:00-12:00

Registration-  Requires good organization and tech skills, with a friendly smile.


Friday-  1:00-3:00



Saturday- 10:00-12:00

Food & Beverage

1. Beverages-  Keeps all water containers full, makes coffee throughout the gathering, sets out tea. Plan your own schedule.

2. Food Altar-  Set up and maintains the food altar (snack table) for the all night fire circle. Plan your own schedule

3. Kitchen- Requires skill with food prep, handling knives, being tidy. Keeping wash station water buckets clean and re-filled.


All those who are on the meal plan offer 1 meal team shift

Kitchen Shifts

Friday- 4:00-6:00


Saturday- 11:00-1:00


Sunday- 12:00-2:00

               2:00-4:00 (clean up)

Beverages Shifts- Staggered throughout the gathering TBD.

Food Altar Shifts- Saturday night- before the fire circle to set up, during to maintain and after the fire circle for food alter clean up.

Clean Up Team-  We need all the help we can get on Sunday to take down the gathering, load the truck, clean up, remove trash and recycling. 

Sunday- 2:00-4:00



Fire Tenders Team-  Must have experience tending a fire in a ceremonial environment, have agility, mobility and able to carry 2-3 logs of wood

Shift- On call at the all night fire circle

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